Special Olympics at MVUSD

  • In 2017, Murrieta Valley Unified School District hosted it's first Special Olympics at Murrieta Mesa High School with 400 athletes with exceptional needs ranging from Pre-K through adult transition age, 18-23. Students from all schools were encouraged to participate. Today, the event is one of the largest Special Olympic school games in Southern California with over 1,000 students participating!

    This school-based event encourages district-wide inclusion, participation of all Murrieta Valley Unified Students with intellectual disabilities and promotes leadership in students through the power of athletic competition. The one-day event begins with an impressive opening ceremony led by Murrieta’s first responders, a mini-torch run, lighting of the torch, the national anthem and a stadium filled recital of the Special Olympics oath.

    “This event provides so many uplifting moments for athletes, parents and educators. It is an honor to be a part of a district committed to inclusion that celebrates the success of students with intellectual disabilities and provides opportunities for them to excel.” Lori Coleman, Special Olympics Committee Co-Chair

    The Special Olympic games have now become a combination of year-long events for athletes of all ages:

    • High School Unified Southwestern league (6 events)
    • Middle School Unified League (4 events)
    • Elementary Unified Track and Field event (1 event)
    • Murrieta Summit ATP Unified Games with Temecula Valley Unified School District ATP

2022 RCOE Special Olympics Highlight

2018-19 Special Olympics Official Highlight

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Last Modified on December 1, 2022