• Study Skills & Test Taking Tips

    This page is designed to help you study more efficiently and effectively for quizzes and tests.  There are links that will give specific tips on how to study, how to prepare yourself mentally and physically for tests, and how to navigate multiple choice and short answer tests.  If you struggle with tests, are not sure how to study effectively, or suffer from test anxiety, please click on the links below for some helpful tips and advice. 

    **First Advice**:  As an experienced student and teacher, the first step that I recommend in improving your tests grades is to take the time to study a little bit EVERYDAY!  The key to remembering facts or solving equations is to get the information from your short-term memory into your long-term memory.  The most efficient way to do this is to review the material and do a few practice problems everyday for the first couple of days after you have learned it, then at least once a week until you are tested on it.  Seeing and working with the material repeatedly will help store the information in your long-term memory where is stays for future use.  Taking the time to do this will guarantee an improvement in your grades!

    Links for Additional Tips:

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    **All documents above are from the following website:  www.testtakingtips.com
Last Modified on July 30, 2019