Awareness Presentation Team (APT)


    APT is focused on recruiting 8th graders at the local middle schools to join JROTC and make students aware of the nation's current major issues. APT also talks about awareness to drug use and depression and gives students a broad perspective of the issues caused from improper use. APT's key goal is to recruit middle schoolers to join JROTC as they come to their 1st year of high school.

    APT President: TBA

     - The head of the Awareness Presentation Team, in charge of getting information to the Middle Schools


    APT Captain: Cadet Second Lieutenant Brendan Murphy

    - The co-head of the Awareness Presentation Team, in charge of creating the groups of members to visit the Middle Schools


    Cadets who participate in APT, will be able to have a chance to receive the APT Badge that can be worn on the AFJROTC Uniform.



Last Modified on October 27, 2021