• These are the quotes, from the Cadet Class of 2019. These quotes portray real experiences and thoughts of the cadets that were in the program.

    Class of 2019

    "I'll leave you all with this, whatever path you guys may take, just remember...to step outside of your comfort zone, test the limits, and most importantly go crazy and go stupid." Cadet Col Bianca Escuro

    "Best year was freshman year, so much fun." Cadet SMSgt Justin Ly

    "You’ll learn about teamwork and leadership." Cadet TSgt Sarah Cosby

    "JROTC teaches you to be a capable leader and influential individual in your community."  Cadet MSgt Jaylen Greer

    "You get physical education credits and if you decide to join the military, there are future military benefits." Cadet  TSgt Anthony Sylverain

    "VMHS faculty have a positive view of you when they know you are in JROTC."  Cadet MSgt Valek Guy

    "JROTC stresses to give back to the community." Cadet TSgt Jourdan Everett

    "I could have quit after freshman year, but it just kept getting better."  Cadet MSgt Nicholas Bostock

    "JROTC is not led by teachers, it’s led by students."  Cadet MSgt Christopher Farnsworth

    "JROTC is a place that promotes camaraderie." Cadet MSgt Sam Daquioag

    "Teaches you discipline and leadership; and you get free clothes."  Cadet MSgt Sam Martinelli

    "If you complete 3-4 years of JROTC, you can enlist in the military with a higher rank."  Cadet MSgt David Rangel

    "Being in JROTC will give you a moral compass."  Cadet MSgt Nathan Ramos

    "The drill team is the best thing I ever did, it helped me come out of my comfort zone."  Cadet MSgt Derek Huynh

    "JROTC is about family."  Cadet TSgt Andrew Aparicio

    "I’m really glad I did JROTC.  It throws you into things and makes you better."  Cadet TSgt Keston Denhalter

    "I was able to complete my 40 hours of community service in one year."  Cadet MSgt Chase Kodama

    "There are fun events like Special Olympics volunteering, Relay for Life, social events, sports days, Idyllwild camp and drill competitions."  Cadet MSgt Arvin Manila

    "JROTC is a positive atmosphere."  Cadet MSgt Andrew Palacios-Ferrer

    "My employer was impressed with my accomplishments in JROTC."  Cadet MSgt Brandon Palacios-Ferrer

    "I really wished I joined JROTC during my freshman year."  Cadet MSgt Evan Vera

    "If you like winning join JROTC. We don't take L's." Cadet CMSgt Jacob Elijah Monzon

    "JROTC encourages self-improvement." Cadet Maj Kyra Asprec 

    "JROTC changed me." Cadet LT Col Thaleia Fontanez

    "Without JROTC there is no way I would be in the position I am in today” Cadet LT Col Dylan Walker

Last Modified on October 5, 2023