• These are the quotes, from the Cadet Class of 2022. These quotes portray real experiences and thoughts of the cadets that were in the program.

     Class of 2022

    "This program gave me opportunities and in turn built up my character and provided a family of peers and long lasting friendships." Cadet Capt. Janesza Monzon 

    "JROTC provides the best environment to grow into the best version of yourself through the embodiment of our core values." Cadet Capt. Alyson Wade 

    "Being in JROTC has allowed me the opportunity to grow and positively impact others, while also teaching me the value of teamwork. I have become a stronger, more effective leader, and have acquired individual skills that will benefit me throughout highschool and beyond."Cadet Capt. Melissa Reed 

    “JROTC gave me leadership opportunities and gave me the courage to expand my voice not just in the class, but leadership in general.” Cadet Capt. Alyssa Weaver 

    "Being in JROTC was definitely a highlight of high school for me. It's like a great big family, and you learn and do so much!" - Cadet Capt. Matthew Macaspac

    “AFJROTC is like a cake; it takes time and hard work to make it flavorful...and I like cakes.” - Cadet Capt. Alper Taasan

    “If you are looking for an experience to have that second family and bond closer with those around you, consider AFJROTC. Being a part of this program has helped not just me but everyone else around to have that second family you never even knew about.” Cadet Capt. Aidan Wiseman 

    “JROTC helped me build invaluable life skills.” Cadet TSgt. Emma Tomsik


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