• These are the quotes, from the Cadet Class of 2019. These quotes portray real experiences and thoughts of the cadets that were in the program.

    Class of 2020

    "I made a lot of friends, everyone in the program accepted me."  Cadet TSgt Jaison Hansanah

    "JROTC helped me get an after school job."  Cadet MSgt Luis Negron

    "When you’re in JROTC, it’s a team effort; there is no individuality."  Cadet TSgt Luke Cerda

    "This is where I find my best friends."  Cadet TSgt Joshua Espiritu

    "Three great instructors that puts their hearts into it."  Cadet SSgt Arturo Ornelas

    "I’ve learned life skills that will last a lifetime."  Cadet TSgt Lucas Moreno

    "It’s really good to make friends."  Cadet A1C Cole Millard

    "You make a big circle of friends." Cadet TSgt Jorell Relopez

    "It’s the environment that we have, I can be myself here."  Cadet TSgt Alyssa Suekoff

    "We are developing citizens of good character."  Cadet SSgt Jeffrey Salguero

    "JROTC makes you put yourself out there and you get recognized for it."  Cadet TSgt Vivian Rojas

    "JROTC offers so many opportunities for community service."  Cadet MSgt Frederic Aragon

    "There are tons of activities that will help you with self-confidence."  Cadet A1C Colton Stearns

    "Because of JROTC, I was able to help my older brother prepare for job interviews."  Cadet MSgt Patrick Cortes

    "Teaches you so many life skills."  Cadet TSgt Richard Hermosa

    "Because of JROTC, I believe in my abilities more than I ever have."  Cadet TSgt Emily Sanchez

    "JROTC has become a second family to me."  Cadet TSgt Mason Woods

    "I have brothers and sisters (cadets) in the program who I can rely on and they can rely on me."  Cadet TSgt Zachery Florez

    "You’ll miss lifetime experiences if you don’t join."  Cadet A1C Thomas Leiper

    "My dad told me to join JROTC and I’m glad I did.  I learned so much."  Cadet MSgt Reiji Narikawa

    "I love the culture of JROTC."  Cadet SrA Roniesha Fletcher

    "The mission statement is personified in the cadets."  Cadet MSgt Adrian Brosas

    "JROTC will help me with the rest of my life."  Cadet TSgt Christine Namvong

    "You learn things that are useful in life."  Cadet TSgt Noah Jauregui

    "You can have the opportunity to lead."  Cadet SMSgt Jorell Pilande

    "Everyone in JROTC becomes your family."  Cadet SSgt Kathryn Torley

    "JROTC can help you come out of your shell."  Cadet SSgt Rijin Hong

    "I stayed in JROTC because of the people, what you learn, and the environment."  Cadet SSgt Joshua Mata

    "Physical training is fun."  Cadet TSgt James Nocero

    "JROTC is like cheesecake. I like cheesecake." Cadet 1st LT Adrian Guial

    "Through JROTC I developed better self-confidence, and that has helped me break my anti-social shell." Cadet 1st LT Rohan Meserve 

    "You will never see the dedication that you see in the JROTC cadets' eyes. We will always take care of our community!" Cadet 1st LT Angel Perez

    "It's pretty fun." Cadet 1st LT Andrea Perez

    "JROTC really helped me with my public speaking skills." Cadet Capt Bryanna Alvarez


Last Modified on October 5, 2023