• These are the quotes, from the Cadet Class of 2021. These quotes portray real experiences and thoughts of the cadets that were in the program.

     Class of 2021

    This program has allowed me to grow as a person and meet my closest friends. Coming into the program I was very quiet and shy, now I've learned to speak up and be more open with those around me!” - Cadet Lt. Col. Brianna Calloway

    "I wasn't expecting much out of the program when I first joined, knowing nothing about it. In 4 year it has changed my perspective on the way I see things, and opened a lot of opportunities." - Cadet Maj. Eric Keolaphanh

    “The work you put into JROTC is worth the family that comes out of JROTC.” Cadet Maj. Kat Hernandez

    “This program will give you what you put into it, so work hard and be respectful.”Cadet Capt. Brianna Salazar  

    "I have no regrets, would do it all over again in a heartbeat.” Cadet Capt. Michael Angelo Delacruz  

    “It gives you a place to belong, it's like a tight-knit family.” Cadet Capt. Eric Chappel 

    “Throughout my four years of AFJROTC, I have gained many useful skills that I can use throughout my entire life.”Cadet Capt. Samantha Tilden 

    “Just be glad you weren’t class of 21...”Cadet Capt. Chloe Dominguez  

     “Never be afraid to try out new things.” - Cadet 1st Lt. Zander Stephenson 

    “For the past 4 years, AFJROTC has taught me many different things, as well as opened a lot of opportunities to grow and learn from.” - Cadet 1st Lt. Janelle Lim 

    “Nothing will get you further in the program than hard work... And a set of ironed cammies.” Cadet CMSgt. Jacob Dominguez  

     “Camp is very fun, go to it.”Cadet SMSgt. Joshua Kanethavong

     “I found the JROTC experience promising. When you really get involved and get to know the people and instructors around you, these are your true friends. It's an excellent program, and remember that the answer is always no if you never ask. You'll understand later.”Cadet SMSgt. Mitchell Wade

    “Do something that you like to do, don’t do it because you have to.” - Cadet TSgt. Gavin Valdez-Kelley

     “It’s fun and laid back.” Cadet SSgt. Deshani Sibblies 

    “If you half-butt everything you'll never know what you could've been. Just 'had potential.'” Cadet Amn. Kai Salas  



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