• Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How is credit awarded?

    A: Each semester class is awarded 5 credits, if passed (D or better.) Each semester is a final grade. We do not compute a yearly average.

    Q: What does "weighted gpa" mean?

    A: All of our AP (Advanced Placement) classes and Dual Enrollment Classes, are weighted in the high school grade point average which means an extra point is added in computing the average. An honors or AP "A" counts as 5, "B" counts as 4, "C" counts as 3. But a D and F are worth the original count. The UC/CSU systems do not weight AP courses taken in 9th grade. See the UC/CSU A-G List for details. (Click on a-g Course Lists, type in Vista Murrieta High School)


    Q: I heard 9th grade classes and grades do not count. Is this true?

    A: All classes and grades count in high school. All grades are computed into the students cumulative grade point average (gpa) (except classes taken for Pass/Fail). The 9-12, overall gpa is used for scholarship qualifying and by many private colleges and universities.

    Q: What does UC/CSU approved classes mean?

    A: The California public university system has designated which of our classes they will accept as "subject requirements" for admission. These subject requirements demonstrate that the student is prepared for the rigors of college work at the UC/CSU campuses. Click here for a list of the current A-G Requirements offered at Vista Murrieta High School. (Click on a-g Course Lists, type in Vista Murrieta High School)

    Q: Can I take an English elective to replace English I?

    A: No, all students must take English I, II, III, IV.

    Q: What is the best science class to take in 9th grade?

    A: All Freshman at VMHS will have a life science. In most cases Biology will be the course taken in the 9th grade.

    Q: If I swim competitively can I take Independent Study PE instead of General PE?

    A: ISPE has strict qualifications at the ninth grade level. Only those students who compete in an activity at the national level may apply.

    Q: What is AVID?

    A: Advancement Via Individual Determination is a program for students who want to go to a four-year university but for a variety of reasons, need help. Check with your counselor about the other qualifications. The program consists of study skills, motivational strategies and tutoring.

    Q: What are the new UC/CSU visual and performing arts requirements?

    A: To qualify for the UC/CSU visual and performing art subject requirement, you must take two semesters of approved visual and performing arts within the same area. The areas are designated as Drama, Dance, Music or Visual. Be aware of which classes are UC/CSU approved (P).

    Q: With the different requirements, which visual and performing arts class(es) should I take?

    A: We strongly recommend you take a full year class if you are planning to apply to a UC/CSU campus. Therefore please select courses carefully, as you will be making a commitment for an entire year.

    Q: Where can I find more information about the classes?

    A: Please refer to the course catalog


Last Modified on August 29, 2016