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    Welcome to the Junior CCKO Resource Page

    Please click on the links below to gather access to materials for the day.  
    Junior Script for Oct. 16th, 2019: Click Here
    Principal's Message: Click Here
    Understanding Your FICO Score: Click Here
    How to Build Credit: Click Here
    A Teacher's Story Activity: Click Here 
    A-G Teacher Overview Presentation: Click Here 
    California Public Colleges Presentation (UC/CSU): Click Here
    SAT/ACT Test Date Information: Click Here  , powerpoint 
    Understanding Debt: Click Here
    Resume Writing Presentation: Click Here
    Resume Worksheet: Click Here
    Effective Email Writing Video: Click Here
    Four Year Plan Handout: Click Here
    Post Secondary Action Plan Handout:Click Here
    VMHS A-G Coursework Sheet: Click Here 
    Navigating High School Effectively Presentation: Click Here
    Extra Video Content If Time Allows
    Purpose and Passion Video: Angela Duckworth, Being Gritty: Click Here 
    How College Loans Exploit Students For Profit Video: Click Here
Last Modified on October 16, 2019