Drama II: Intermediate

    Back To School Night Video Introduction
    Aside from performing in class; students in this class are expected to perform for public audience. Students will perform a production of "CHECK, PLEASE" in our "Black Box Space"  May 1 - 3;  2024. There will be some after-school rehearsal time required as well as the performance dates. This is a great opportunity for students to build their performing skills.  
    Summary of Semester 1 include:
             Audition (Students will perform during class)
             Musical Audition (Students will perform during class)
             Improvisation (Students will learn / practice Improvisational games and activities)
             Play Analysis (Students will read, find meaning, analyze and discuss elements of a play) 
             Play Critique (Students will attend, review and type a critique of a live theatrical performance)
    Semester 2 schedule:
            Stage Combat (Students will learn basic techniques and maneuvers of Stage Combat)
            Dramatic Scene (Students will select, analyze, memorize, rehearse and perform)
            Comedic Scene (Same as Dramatic scene)
            Evening of Scenes / Production (Students will analyze, memorize and rehearse for public performance)
            Play Critique (Students will attend, review and type a critique of a live theatrical performance)
    Class Production: Here is your chance to perform on stage and have your talents shine! Students will prepare and perform before a public audience. Dates  May 1-3, 2024 in the "Blackbox" (P-152). Students will need to commit to: limited after-school rehearsals, and the performance dates. 
    Drama 2 Syllabus: Class guidelines, policies and grading. Please be aware of the commitment level needed for this class. There is some after-school time required for this class. 
    Character Analysis: A series of questions to help students discover subtext of their characters. Character Analysis
    Play Review Form: Students must attend a live theatre production and TYPE a critique of that performance. How To Write A Play Review
                                    DUE:November  15-16, 2023(by your scheduled class time). Semester One
                                     DUE: May 2-3, 2024(by your scheduled class time). Semester Two
                                                                  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
    Stage Combat: Always, Always, Always, Safety First! Check for distance and provide visual and vocal cues. Always begin rehearsing in SLOW MOTION (about 50% speed). Terms / Manuevers: Knaps (Clap & Slip Hand), Pushes (light shoulder push & grab / push), backward and forward falls, slaps (forehand & backhand), puches, and grabs. We will partner up and after learning, reviewing and practicing moves, students will write a scene which will include a clear beginning, middle and end. Listing out step by step needed dialogue, and stage business (fight choreography) throughout the scene.


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