• Technical Theatre
    Hello Broncos,
    Listed below are links to descriptions of different career opportunities in the world of Theatre. 
    Here are forms, information and updates for our Tech Theatre Class!
    This class will focus on a variety of elements in Technical Theatre. This class will include:
    Teacher Lecture/Discussion, Instructional DVD lessons (*Interactive Educational Video LLC / Practical Technical Theater*), and Hands On Practice, in class as well as opportunities after school and in the community.
    Units covered in this course will include: 
    "Introduction of Technical Theatre": Types of stages and a wide variety of careers "in the business".  
    "Basic Set Construction and Theater Safety": Focusing on carpentry skills.
    "Set Design": Collaborative process within particular facilities, budgets and styles.
    "Lighting for Theater": Using and maintaining lighting instruments.
    "Lighting Design": Continue lighting process, apply knowledge to take a story from page to stage.
    "Audio for Theater": Identification / basic use of Audio equipment.
    "Stage Management": Learning the tools to run a production.
    "Business and House Management": Learning the Business of Show Business.
    Play / Performance Review: How To Write a Play Review .
    DUE November 16, 2023! 1st Semester
    Due May 2-3, 2024! 2nd Semester
    This assignment will NOT be accepted late!
     Use the Crew Application form (found on the "Auditions" page or in Drama Room) to be involved in the backstage crew for our upcoming Drama Productions.
Last Modified on August 23, 2023