Thank you to all who auditioned for our musical "CHICAGO: Teen Edition"
    It was so great meeting you all and seeing your fantastic talents over the last few days. You all displayed great talent and impressed everyone on our panel. It is always difficult to select a cast as there are never enough roles for everyone. If your name is listed below, congratulations! We begin rehearsals on Monday, November 13 in the Drama Room. Everyone is called as this is our first meeting. We will go over introductions, expectations and plans for the show. If your name is not listed below, we understand you may be disappointed, but please consider being a part of our backstage crew. We will post our crew list on Thursday November 16.
    So excited to work with you all on this great show!
    Congrats to all of our CREW MEMBERS! Here is a list of each Crew. We will have an ALL CREW meeting on Tue, 11/28/23 after school in the PAC. See you there. 
    Assistant Directors: Kyrie D & Ray W
    Stage Manager: Julia S
    Costumes/Make Up: TJ F (Head)Ava S; Gabby Z; Isabella E; Alyssa C; Isabella R; Logan L; Mackenzie L; Simon J; Savanna L; Madeline V; KayKay N; Erin H; Isabel B
    Lights: Andrew H (Head); Porter H; Julian F; Kirsten De G; Kaylee G; Michaela M
    Sound: Chance T (Head); Alison W; Zayne D; Ian S; Jack R; Alan A; Rene J
    House: Aimee B (Head); Kendall G; Kennadie H; Austin L; Miranda R; Izabella F
    Props: Eden S & Calyn M (Heads); Emma G; Taylor S; Jordan F; Zaida D; Leah B; Miaya S; Omar A; Gabriella A; Adam M
    Roxie Hart:                            Hannah H                                      
    Velma Kelly:                          Ruby H
    Matron "Mama" Morton:      Kinzee T
    Mary Sunshine:                    Caitlin T
    Liz / Ensemble Member 1:   Brooklyn C
    Annie / E. M. 2:                     Camila B
    June / E. M. 3:                       Aisha C
    Hunyak / E. M. 4:                  Jillian B
    Mona / E. M. 5:                      Imani K
    Reporter 1 / E. M. 6:             Brynleigh G
    Kitty / E. M. 7:                       Madelyn H
    Juror / E. M. 8:                      Addison C
    Clerk / E. M. 9 / CBD 1         Alyssa A
    Harrison / E. M. 10               Daly H
    CBD 2 / E. M. 11:                  Addyson H.
    Reporter 3 / E. M 12 (Tap)   Bianka B
    Billy:                                     Jax B
    Amos:                                   Adrian R
    Fogarty / Judge:                  Xander A
    Fred / Harry:                        Jared M
    Here is our first week of rehearsals for your planning:
    Monday, Nov 13: First Meeting in Drama Room. ALL CALLED, Introductions; Expectations; Schedule; BAND app/communication; Read Through
    Tuesday, Nov 14: Vocals (in Drama Room) And All That Jazz; First Act Curtain; Finale; Roxie; Cell Block Tango (Check your script to see when you're needed)
    Wednesday, Nov 15: Choreo in Dance Room. Numbers to be determined
    Thursday, Nov 16: Vocals (in Drama Room): All I Care About is Love; Both Reached for the Gun; Me and My Baby; Funny Honey
    Friday, Nov 17: Blocking: AI s1 (Fred/Roxie); AI s2 (Fogarty, Roxie, Amos); AI s6 (Roxie/Amos); AI s9 (Roxie & specific E.M.'s)
    Future schedule details will be provided on app (group communication)
    Typically for a MUSICAL - . Please prepare a 1 minute song from another musical (must be memorized and have background (karaoke) tracks, NO A Capella)
    For a STRAIGHT SHOW (non-musical)- Prepare a 1-2 minute monologue from a different published play. The piece should fit the style of show auditioning for (Drama, Comedy, etc...) Piece must be memorized.
    Any student auditioning for a show needs to complete / turn in an "Audition Application"; look over and agree to the expectations and responsibilities of participating in a production and have parent signature. 
    It is important to know that NOT ALL STUDENTS THAT AUDITION WILL BE CAST IN THE SHOW. All students are encouraged to be a part of our production, if not offered a role in the cast, students can still be a part of our amazing crew; crew application is listed below as well. 
    --> You will also need to turn in a Grade Check (minimum 2.0 GPA with no failing courses) and a signed Parent Letter at the time of your audition. All Audition Forms are available for pickup in the VMHS Drama Room (P152)
    Production Pack (for those cast in the production; will be distributed at first meeting)
    --> You will also need to turn in a Grade Check (minimum 2.0 GPA with no failing courses) with your Crew Application. Forms are availlable for pickup in the VMHS Drama Room (P152).
    Come be a Part of Our Show!
    The general schedule is for overall planning purposes. A more detailed breakdown of our schedule will be provided once show is cast, but will be within the overall time frame of above schedule. Please go over this (WITH YOUR PARENTS) so everyone knows what the commitment is.  Also, please share the Parent Student Notification form to be aware of commitment expectations.
    Any student interested in participating in one of our all school productions must sign up for a date/time, complete an audition application (link below), and be fully committed to the production schedule. For straight plays (comedy or drama) you should prepare a 1-2 minute monologue from a published play (but NOT from the play you are auditioning for) and be ready to perform at your scheduled time.   For musicals, you should prepare a 1 minute song that showcases your vocal range and abilities. Auditions for musicals usually also include a Dance Audition (you will be taught a short section/routine).
    Callbacks are another step in the audition process in which the directing team will provide selections from the script for Cold Readings. Casting decisions are always difficult and are made with what is best for the production. Many things are considered: Talent, Schedule/conflicts, Academic standing, attitude (demeanor and work ethic).
    We will post specifics of schedule soon. 
    Break a Leg!
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