Mentoring Matters for November 2020

Posted by Sean McCarthy on 10/16/2020 3:15:00 PM

Mentor Training and Evaluation System 

One of the hallmarks of the Murrieta Valley Induction Program is the effectiveness of its mentors. They are consistently cited by our candidates and other stakeholders for the quality of the support they provide. Research suggests that one of the most important factors that impacts the success of a new teacher is weekly collaboration with an effective mentor. Therefore, it is imperative that mentors be well-trained and provided on-going, formative feedback to help them continue to grow and develop their craft in supporting teachers.  

The Murrieta Valley USD Mentor evaluation and training system consists of three components: 

  1. Mentor Professional Development:

Initial and ongoing training is essential to develop quality mentoring skills. Our mentor training includes the following: 

  • New Mentor Training  
  • Returning Mentor Training 
  • Cognitive Coaching & Adult Learning Theory 
  • Ongoing Training Modules  
  • Mid-Year Follow Up Training (as needed) 
  • Mandatory Online Iris Modules 
  • Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Module for all mentors 
  • Special Education Mentors Module 
  1. Mentor Evaluation and Retention:

All MVUSD mentors will re-apply on a 3-year cycleThe re-application process is modified compared to the original process for becoming a mentor, and includes an Intent to Continue and a Principal RecommendationThree cohorts based on hire dates will cycle through the re-application process starting this spring. 

  1. Mentor Individual Learning Plan Process:

The Mentor Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is designed to individualize the professional learning experience to meet mentor needs and provide an opportunity for customized feedback from program leadershipThe Mentor ILP is initiated in the fall during a webinar to support mentors through an overview of the process of using the Mentor Continuum of Practice and Mentor ILP. Mentors consider evidence/data from the prior year (survey, ILPs, Exit Interview, mini-inquiries, CTPs, video observations, site administrator feedback) to reflect on their practice, and then conduct a self-assessment using the Mentor Continuum of Practice focusing on 2-3 standards per year. This self-assessment guides mentors toward identifying a focus question and goal for inquiry. They then choose from a menu of professional development options to support their inquiries, providing them with multiple options and ensuring they can explore a learning experience that will be tailored to their needs. 

Upon completion of the inquiry, mentors will then do a post-assessment on the Continuum followed by a reflection on the ILP. The ILP is then submitted ithe Mentor Training course in Canvas, where program leadership will review the ILP and provide feedback. 

Check out the Mentor Continuum of Practice by clicking the link HERE  (Links to an external site)and the Mentor Individual Learning Plan by clicking the link HERE. (Links to an external site)  

Wellness Support 

The weeks leading up to winter break have always created bit of a slump in the education world, but the current challenges are creating stressors for students and staff beyond anything many have experienced. As many of you are aware, we have been offering mindfulness workshops to help support the well-being of our staff members. There is nearly 40 years of research demonstrating that mindfulness practice has a positive impact on stress reduction and self-regulation. It can promote awareness and attention focus, and help educators and other school staff maintain motivation and commitment during challenging and stressful times.  

We will be following up on the training we have offered for staff with weekly “Wellness Wednesdays.” This will be a brief, 15-minute session that is designed to help keep those who participated on track with the practice by focusing in on one of the strategies and helping everyone stay on course. It is open to anyone who would like to join live, and will be recorded for those who cannot attend at the scheduled time (see Workshop Opportunities below for time and registration info). 

Additionally, many of our teachers who have been learning about mindfulness have wanted to bring the practice back to their classrooms to help support Social-Emotional Learning. There is a growing body of research suggesting that, like it has done for adults, mindfulness may have promising impacts for students.

We will be offering a training on December 10 to support teachers who would like to learn effective strategies for introducing this to the classroom as a positive addition to SEL programming.  


Workshop Opportunities 

We have the following trainings coming up over the next few weeks: 

Wellness Wednesdays Every Wednesday (except holidays), 12:15-12:30 

Google 101 11/19/20, 3-5pm 

Dyslexia in the Classroom: What Every Teacher Should Know 12/3/20, 3-4:30pm  

Teaching Mindfulness to Students 12/10/20, 3-5pm  

We also have several online trainings and training resources that can be accessed at any time. To register for these or any training opportunities, teachers can access the Canvas MVUSD Professional Development Course HERE. 


Support Stats 

As you may have heard, our program is bigger than expected this year! Here are the numbers: 

Assigned Mentors: 47 

Year 1 Induction Candidates: 18 

Year 2 Induction Candidates: 29 

Intern Candidates (Including STSP & PIP): 10 

TPSL (Long-Term Subs): 3