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    Your Junior Year



    September Register for the PSAT if you plan to take it. While it isn’t required, earning a qualifying score on the PSAT sets you up for the National Merit Scholarship Program.
    September Start creating a comprehensive list of potential colleges. You can change it as needed, but this will help you with requesting materials, planning visits, and getting organized.
    October If you plan to take the ACT your junior year, now is the time to register for a November or February exam. This test can give you a baseline on where to focus your studies in the coming months.
    November Whether you plan to participate in an internship or summer program between your junior and senior years, many opportunities set deadlines for the end of the year. Gather your materials and get ready to submit applications.
    Winter Break Now is a great time to tour colleges on your list of potential schools.
    February Check with your guidance counselor about signing up for AP classes. Consider meeting with AP teachers to figure out which courses best serve your collegiate goals.
    February If you want to take the March SAT, register for it now. Taking both standardized tests helps you see which one better plays to your strengths.
    May Ask for teacher recommendations from any instructors who can speak well of your strengths and about what you’ll bring to a college.


    Your Senior Year



    Summer Before Senior Year Begin compiling a list of scholarships to apply for. Note deadlines and any other requirements you don’t want to forget.
    September Register to take the SAT and ACT for a second time later in the fall. Take some time between now and the exams to address areas needing some focused study.
    September Begin working on your college application essays, allowing plenty of time for others to read them and provide edits to help you make strong revisions.
    October Collect all the required materials for college applications, including transcripts, test scores, recommendation letters, and required forms. Your guidance counselor can help you with this process.
    November Apply to any early decision/early action schools. While early decision schools require a commitment if accepted, early action schools allow you to wait to make a decision.
    January Submit applications to the rest of your chosen schools. Most regular decision schools set deadlines between January and March of your senior year.
    January You can submit your FAFSA application any time after October 1st of your senior year, but most families wait until the first of the year to gather relevant financial documentation. FAFSA funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, so get your application in ASAP.
    March/April Decisions from schools should start arriving during this time. After receiving acceptances, discuss your options with family and/or a trusted mentor. Carefully review the financial aid packages offered by each school.
    May Most regular decision schools require an enrollment deposit by May 1st to secure your place. Depending on your financial circumstances, you may qualify for a fee waiver.



    What is Wue?

    America's largest regional interstate tuition savings program. The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) is an agreement among WICHE's 16 member states and territories, through which 160+ participating public colleges and universities provide steep nonresident tuition savings for Western students. Click on the below link to see all of the schools that offer the WUE and to find out more information about this awesome program.
    Cal State Edu - https://www2.calstate.edu/ 
    Cal State Degrees - degrees.calstate.edu
    The official transfer and articulation system for California’s public colleges and universities - assist.org
    SallieMae.com / Award Letters for the "do's and don'ts" of comparing your financial aid award letters. 
    Planning for College Tips and Advice Guide: https://universityhq.org/resources/college-planning guide/
    Best College Degrees and Majors Guide - https://universityhq.org/degrees/
    Predict the actual cost of college with EDMIT

    Other Information 

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