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    Trade schools offer job-focused degree programs and certificate courses for those not attending a traditional college. These programs are usually completed within one to two years and can be found all across the United States. Some programs may be offered online. As a result of Trade School courses and programs, individuals are prepared to seek immediate employment upon graduation. Jobs you can do with a degree from trade school are court reporting, electrician, welding, plumber, aircraft mechanic, chef, pharmacy technician, paralegal, and much much more.  


    College and Vocational Fair Sept. 25, 2021





     Click on the links below to explore vocational schools: 


    Welding www.socalwelding.com





     ccc www.ccc.ca.gov











    Colorado School of Mines

    Colorado School of Mines




    California Technical Academy




    See the source image

    Flt Academy: Learn how to fly


    Paul Mitchell The School

    Paul Mitchell School of Cosmetology




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