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    What is ASVAB?  


    Military Branches Contact Information


    Air National Guard - Lowell Muenchau      lowell.t.muenchau.mil@army.mil

    Army - Staff Sergeant Jasper Cruz      jasper.l.cruz.mil@mail.mil 

    Air Force ROTC- Catherine M. Hawrylko 2d Lt      362rcs.gbr.afrotc@us.af.mil

    Air Force- TSgt Taylor Thomas     taylor.thomas.7@us.af.mil

    Air Force Reserve  -TSgt Melquiades Maciel    melquiades.maciel.1@us.af.mil

    Marines- Sergeant Russell Cowan      russell.cowan@marines.usmc.mil

    National Guard - SSG Marchaun McLee      marchaun.d.mclee3.mil@mail.mil

    Navy - PO2 Andrew Granados   andrew.r.granados.mil@us.navy.mil        


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    Importance of ROTC



    Military Resources




    Reminder to Male Seniors!

    If you are a male U.S. citizen or male immigrant living in the United States, you must register with the Selective Service System within 30 days of your 18th birthday. You must register to qualify for federal student aid, federal jobs, federal job training, and any state student financial aid or state employment. It's the law.

    To register, go to www.sss.gov, pick up a form at the local post office, or e-mail the completed Selective Service reminder card sent to most young men around their 18th birthday.





Last Modified on September 18, 2023