Valley OBGYN Medical Group                                                     

    Valley OBGYN Medical Group is offering medical/administrative assistant internship opportunities AT NO COST to students. 



    ·       Career related experience

    ·       Gains practical knowledge

    ·       Opportunity to explore career avenues

    ·       Valuable work experience for their resumes

    ·       Potential to earn academic credit

    ·       Increased self-confidence

    ·       Enhances conventional learning methods

    ·       Letter of recommendation from supervisor

    ·       Obtain references from co-workers


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    Expand your knowledge this summer with DPR’s Build Up High School Internship in Construction Management.

    Tool belts are not required!

    DPR’s Build Up internship is in person for 8 weeks, 35-40 hours per week.


    Apply here!

Last Modified on March 7, 2024